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Published: 24 August 2017
- Graham Panton
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Component 2 Section A: Crime Drama Resource

Media Studies
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An extensive set of engaging resources to support the teaching of Component 2 of the new GCSE Media Studies specification. The resources explore the set products in relation to all areas of the theoretical framework and include interactive activities to develop learners' knowledge, understanding, and analytical skills. The activities can be used in class and there are suggested extension and research activities that can be completed independently. The resources also cover relevant theoretical perspectives and contexts.

'Fair dealing' of third party materials is used for criticism and review purposes however if there are omissions or inaccuracies please inform us so that any necessary corrections can be made

While all resources were correct at the time of publishing, teachers should be aware that things move quickly in the media industry and should therefore check that the information is still current and correct.

Component 2
Section A
The Sweeney


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