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Published: 15 September 2022
- Lucey Banner
- Matthew Daintrey-Hall
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A Level Factsheets: Set Products for Component 2

Media Studies
KS5 >

A set of informative factsheets that provide an introduction to the set products for Component 2. The resources offer starting points for analysis and for developing knowledge and understanding of the relevant areas of the theoretical framework, including theorists and theoretical perspectives.

While all resources were correct at the time of publishing, teachers should be aware that things move quickly in the media industry and should therefore check that the information is still current and correct.

Images used within this resource are used for educational (non-commercial) purposes only, to facilitate learning and to further explain concepts. To the best of our knowledge, all images are being used in compliance with the Fair Use Policy; if there are omissions or inaccuracies please inform us so that any necessary corrections can be made.

Media Studies
Fact sheet
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